How To Wash A Knit Hat

There is nothing like keeping warm while attending a game to see your favorite team in action. Knitted hats are really popular and are a great way to keep that cold chill off your head. It is important though to know how to clean and maintain your knitted product so you get many years use out of it.

Because knitted hats sit very tight and close to the skin on your head and in contact with your hair (if you have any), it is only natural that they collect unwanted sweat and grime from your skin and scalp.

With that in mind, read on and learn how to wash a knit hat so you can keep yours in perfect order for them cold game days!

Read The Label

Most hats will have a label fitted on the inside which will tell you what material the hat is made from. The Majority of the sports knitted hats out there are 100% acrylic but of course you will find other properties too, such as wool and cotton. Either way observe the label and the washing instructions supplied to you.

If for any reason you are unlucky and do not have a label, try and find out what your hat is made from before you wash it.

Washing An Acrylic Hat

To wash your football knitted hat you will need to carry out some simple steps. It is an easy process. Just do the following:

Make sure you use a washing bag (lingerie bag) to place your hat into before you put it into the washing machine. This will help prevent the hat getting damaged during the washing cycle.

Fill your washing machine with cool water and a little detergent. You do not need high temperatures for this. I find the portable washers perfect for this process as opposed to the full washing machines. Place your acrylic hat inside along with the other items you need to wash!

Select a gentle wash and preferably one without the spin cycle. The less turbulence from the washer the better. Your knitted hat can be damaged if subject to too much tossing about.

Once the washing cycle is complete, remove your hat and shape it as best as you can with your fingers. Once done, leave it somewhere airy to dry and out of direct sunlight. Allow 24 hours for the hat to dry completely.

When your hat is clean and not in use, make sure you store it correctly. Do not screw it up and throw it in the cupboard. Lay it nice and flat and in shape (the best you can). I find that if you throw 2 or 3 pairs of socks inside the hat it will keep it in shape during storage.

How To Wash A Cotton Hat

If your hat has been constructed from cotton, please take a look at the information on how to clean your football cap as the instructions are the same.

How To Wash A Woolen Hat

The most important thing to remember when considering washing your woolen hat is to take care. Wool is a very delicate fabric and invasive and offensive cleaning can destroy your product. Handle your woolen hat with care or you will ruin it.

Carry out the following steps to clean:

Always use cold water and wash by hand only. Using a washing machine is not recommended as it causes a lot of spinning and abrasions during the cycle. Fill your sink or a basin with cold water (never hot) and add a very small amount of detergent. (No bleach products please, as again it will cause damage).

If you have been unlucky and your hat is stained, try to take a very soft brush (a toothbrush is good for this as it is with the football caps) and lightly brush away the stain. Do not be forceful here as you could ruin the material. Go lightly is the name of the game here.

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Once you are ready, put the hat into the cold basin of water and completely submerge it. There is no time limit here. Depending on the amount of dirt and grime your hat has collected will dictate how long it needs to be soaked for. If it is half an hour then that is what it is. If it is 2 or 3 hours that is needed, then let it soak. Just keep an eye on it from time to time.

After you have completed this process and your hat it clean, remove it from the water and gently rinse it under a cold tap with slow running cold water. Remove all of the soap suds from the material.

From there, simply shape the hat gently with your fingers and let it dry somewhere airy and out of direct sunlight. Do not squeeze the excess water out and never try to wring the item dry. You will damage the material.

Once again and as with the acrylic hat instructions, keep your hat safe and stored on a flat surface when not in use. Get a couple of pairs of socks and put them inside the hat. I have found this keeps the hat nicely in shape when stored away and not being used.

See The Video For Detailed Instructions On Washing Your Knit Hats And/Or Beanies

How To Wash A Knit Hat – Overall

The most important thing here that I must stress to you is to be very gentle when handling woolen and acrylic products. If you are heavy-handed while trying to clean your items you will damage them.

Take your time and go gently.

So, I hope this has helped you out and you get many years use out of your new football knitted hat. If you have any questions then just let me know. Hit me up on the contact form and I will get right back to you.

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