Essential Tips – How To Clean A Cap Without Damaging It

The problem with caps can be the ease of which they get dirty. They accumulate dust and sweat and can very quickly need cleaning. Let’s master how to clean a cap here so your brand new item will give you many years of satisfaction.

I have had many caps in the past and I love wearing them. The problem was always (for me at least) that I tended not to look after them and after a couple of months of use, they usually ended up in the trash and I would go and buy another one.

When I understood I was going through between 15 and 20 caps per year and spending around $350+ in the process, I just decided to start washing them instead.

You might want to do the same, as you will save a lot of money and it will keep your special item in good condition at the same time.

So, let’s get started.

How To Clean A Cap – The Don’ts

I have personally tried washing caps in the washing machine. Trust me, it does not work. The constant movement of the washing cycle causes the caps to lose their shape and this is the same for the tumble driers too.

Some people will tell you it is fine to do this if you wash using a very gentle cycle and at a low or cold temperature.

I have tried, and the caps ended up in the garbage bin. So my first tip on how to clean a cap is this: Wash your football cap by hand.

Also, simply use a reliable detergent. Do not make use of bleach products as this will break down the material and destroy your item

How To Clean A Cap – Is It Really Dirty?

If you are like me you will be wearing your cap most days. Is it really dirty though? Ask yourself this before you wash it. Often they just need a little freshening up so there is no need to do a full clean on it.

If it just needs a quick revitalize then carry out the following:

Let the cap soak in a basin or sink of cool water with a little detergent added. Swish the water around so you agitate it and create some bubbles and lightly massage the material of the cap with your fingers.

Once done, leave it in the water for around 15 minutes.

Remove the cap from the water and rinse it under a cool tap and ensure all of the soap suds have been removed. Then, shape the hat as best you can and hang it somewhere cool to dry. Keep it out of direct sunlight but somewhere with a nice breeze.

With this, your cap will be dry and ready to go the next day.

Essential Tips: How To Clean A Cap Without Damaging It

Is Your Cap (Really Really) Dirty?

After a little time your cap can become extremely dirty. This is quite normal as layers of sweat stains will build up from your forehead during use.

Also, if you use it while you are out and are undertaking activities such as football, fishing and so on, you may get unwanted stains and dirt too.

Do not worry, it is very simple to take care of.

Carry out the following:

Like I said, I would refrain from using bleach products but instead use a strong detergent.

Wet the affected areas of your cap with cool water and rub some detergent over the sweat stains and any unwanted marked areas.

Rub it in with your fingers then lightly brush over the marks with a soft brush. I have found a toothbrush perfect for this. Do this until you clean away the stains as much as you can.

Once done, fill a sink or basin with some cool water and submerge the cap. Leave it to soak for around an hour and it should remove the stains and marks. If not, you can carry out these steps again.

Once the hat is clean rinse it thoroughly and ensure all of the soap suds have been removed.

Shape the hat to your liking and leave it somewhere to dry out of direct sunlight.


Some caps and hats have a brim with a cardboard fitting. Of course, if your cap is like this, then do not submerge it completely in water as it will destroy the cardboard material. For this, simply use the detergent to remove the stains and lightly wipe away any wet areas.

See The Above Video For Step By Step Instructions On Cleaning Your Caps

How To Clean A Cap – Overall

Keeping your new cap in good order is not an arduous task. Some people do not want to clean them as it means being without it for a day while it dries. This is why I have many 🙂

Just make sure when you wash it you do so lightly and carefully with cool water while at the same time avoid using a washing machine and tumble drier.

I hope this information gave you what you needed on how to clean a cap. Of course, if you are not sure and need anything, hit me up on the contact form and I will happily help you out!

So, as an honored and illustrious owner of your brand new football cap, you can now walk around and exhibit your favorite team logo and colors while being the envy of your neighborhood. ASWEOME!

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