Avoid Common Mistakes – How To Wash A Cotton T-Shirt

Here, we are going to learn how to wash a cotton t-shirt while at the same time avoiding unnecessary damages which will allow years of use.

First of all, are you HAPPY? You should be as you are the new owner of your favorite team football t-shirt. There is no better feeling than showing off your favorite team colors and logo for the first time by wearing your brand new item!

We all know though that clothing gets dirty and/or stained from time to time, especially if you are at a game with the excitement getting the better of you and the next thing you know you are wearing your Coca-Cola. 🙂

With this in mind, let me just offer you some straight forward advice on how to wash a cotton T-Shirt so it serves you well and you can keep wearing it with pride.

Before we get started, just know I am not going to talk to you about laundry practices in general. People put a lot of thought into their washing duties which is great, but here I want to give you a general overview on what you can do to take care of your T-Shirt.

So, before you jump in, make sure you are washing with the correct colors and temperatures as with your other items. Right?

How To Wash A Cotton T-Shirt – Let’s Get Started!

First of all, I never wash t-shirts by hand. More often than not it involves more messing around and you will find it much easier to use a washing machine.

On saying that, you might have a need to take care of a situation immediately (i.e the coca-cola incident). If you do find you stain your t-shirt inadvertently then the best course of action is to try and get some warm water and use a gentle soap to wash the affected area.

Although it will not get the stain completely out straight away, after a good wash later on you will find your early efforts were all worth it.

Getting Your T-Shirt Ready For Washing

Over washing your t-shirt is not always a good thing. Many people throw an item into the wash even if they have worn it only for an hour or two. My advice is to wash it when needed or after 3 or so wears. If you continuously feel the need to put it into the wash, then the cotton fabric is more than likely going to start breaking down due to persistent washing.

So, unless you have thrown that coca-cola all over yourself (or someone else did) then wash only when needed.

Before throwing your cotton item into the washing machine, turn it inside out. During the washing cycle, of course your t-shirt will be in contact with the other items inside the washer. This contact causes scuffing and unwanted scrapes and chafing.

It is better that the inside of the tee shirt takes this abuse rather than the outside of your garment as this can cause damage to the printed logo/design. Something to think about.

Do not use excessive amounts of washing detergents and softeners. It is not uncommon to see people throwing large amount of soaps into their wash thinking the items will come out super clean.

This is not the case at all and in fact, the more unneeded detergent you put in, the worse your item can end up. The excess can build up on the fabric doing no good at all.

Also, be extremely cautious if using bleach. Again, people have the tendency to use too much but bleach can destroy your cotton t-shirt. If you need to do so then use it sparingly and never use normal bleach if your t-shirt is a colored one. The bleach can very easily take the color away from the fabric.

So, only bleach on whites, right?

How To Wash A Cotton T-Shirt In The Washing Machine

I think it is common knowledge that higher washing temperatures are more effective for getting rid of dirt from your clothing. When it comes to cotton products though such as your new football t-shirt, then there is something you need to be aware of.

Unless your t-shirt is white, then you can wash the item on a cold water setting. So, if it is black, red, blue or any other color, go right ahead and use cold water. This is also the case if you alternatively choose to wash it by hand.

If you make use of higher temperatures you can risk shrinking the item, especially if it is new. You can also buy detergents especially designed for use with cold water.

White items can be washed in a higher temperature of a recommended 30 Degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). This will then take care of any yellow stains which can build up around the neck and under the pits of the t-shirt.

Again, you can wash these in cold water, just make sure you get rid of those easily noticeable stains that you see on white material.

When using a washing machine, try to use the setting which is more delicate on the fabric.

How To Wash A Cotton T-Shirt – Drying

The best way to dry your t-shirt is to turn it inside out, then place it on the washing line outside and away from direct sunlight to dry naturally. If you do leave it in direct sunlight you will find that the cotton material will fade and it will also in time likely cause damage to the printing and logo.

The most important thing here is not to dry it in the tumble dryer using a high temperature. This can also cause serious damage to the fabric and the lifespan of your new item will be drastically shortened.

If you simply have no choice but to use a tumble dryer, then use a very low temperature setting.

Of course, depending on your situation you do need to keep these points in mind.

Not everyone has a tumble dryer, not all people live in a house where it is practical to hang washing outside. Whatever you predicament, just try to keep these drying points in the back of your mind.

Choose Your Team T-Shirt: How To Wash A Cotton T-Shirt

How To Wash A Cotton T-Shirt – Ironing

OK, so who out there is completely lazy? Who waits for their clothes to be dry and just throw them on without bothering to iron them first?

I will admit that I have been guilty of this in the past. When it comes to my Miami Dolphins T-Shirt though, I am very proud of it and I love to look good in it. What is the use of wearing something cool and snazzy if you look like the bag of washing you have just done? None at all!

So, to iron your cotton t-shirt just follow this simple rule.

Turn the t-shirt inside out. Like I have mentioned already, heat and cotton do not go very well together.

So, inside out once more for the t-shirt and use the lowest temperature setting on the iron. The creases will come out. While ironing too, be especially careful as you iron over the back of the logo and print.

Heat can cause irreparable damage to this, and once this print has cracked you cannot fix it. So, the lowest temperature at all times on the iron.

No exceptions.

Storing Your T-Shirt When Not In Use

This does come down to personal taste. Personally I find it better to hang them on a wide hanger so they are stored straight. Other people prefer to fold their t-shirts and place them in a drawer.

Either way is fine in all honesty but just know that t-shirts which are always hung for storage are susceptible to stretching over time due to gravity. I bet you did not know that eh?

So, a fact of the day for you 🙂

This Thorough Video Will Detail All The Steps To Washing Your Tee Shirts

How To Wash A Cotton T-Shirt – Overall

It is not difficult to keep your new t-shirt in good order. Take the simple precautions during the washing/drying process and avoid throwing that coca-cola all over you and your item will give you years of service.

I hope here that you have learned how to wash a cotton T-Shirt. let me know if you need something more. You can get me via the contact form or leave a comment below.

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