How To Clean A Wallet – Simple and Effective Methods Revealed

So, you have grabbed your own football team wallet of your choice and hopefully this is going to last you for a long time. Well, it will if you look after it. Here I will show you how to clean a wallet so it lasts you for a long time to come.

By taking care of it you will get years of use out of it – neglect it and you may have to part company earlier than you want.

Come on, why waste your money right?

If you are like me, I buy one and when it is done it is done, I simply buy another one.

This is not the case with my Football Wallet though. The Miami Dolphins are the team I choose to follow and spend my hard-earned money on, so why would I let my wallet go to ruin?

So, here are some basic things you can do to make sure your new wallet will last you for years to come.

First Things First

At this stage, the most important thing you need to know is the material your wallet is made from. You will most likely find it is leather (or synthetic leather) or suede. Take a moment to make sure you know what material you are dealing with before you start attacking your wallet with a brush and cleaning fluids.

Get it wrong, and it can lead to tears later!!

How To Clean A Wallet – Cleaning Instructions For Suede Wallets

It is not uncommon for your suede wallet to receive scuff marks, stains and/or dirt. Of course the more you look after it, the less likely this is to happen. Nevertheless, knowing how to get rid of these unwanted marks will give you more chance to return it to its former self.

Here are some steps that you can take to keep your wallet clean and in great condition. Of course though, before you start, ensure you take all of your credit cards, money and other documents out of the wallet.

Step 1. Avoid Getting The Suede Wet

Normally when people discover a stain or an unwanted mark, the first reaction is to run to the nearest sink, wet a cloth and start trying to remove the unwanted blemish. Just know from the start, water is not good for suede and should you make this your first port of call you will more than likely ruin the wallet.

Water causes suede to suffer from discoloration and once this happens you will have an almost impossible task of getting rid of it.

Step2. Dry Brush The Wallet

Always use a dry cloth and try to brush the wallet material in the same direction to remove any unwanted marks.

Using a toothbrush or a nail brush is also good for this purpose. Brush lightly and consistently and you will find most unwanted smudges will come away quite easily. Of course, do not use the same toothbrush to then clean your teeth with. Ya know, for those that are not sure 🙂

Step3. Removing Any Stains

If your wallet has suffered staining (which is not uncommon) then there is a simple thing you can do. Remember, do not run and put your wallet under the water tap.

Try to find a new pencil with an eraser on the end. You can also use a simple eraser of course. Either way though, make sure the eraser is new and has not been used. If there are black marks from pencil present and you then use the eraser on your wallet, you will make matters worse.

Simply use the eraser to rub the marks away. Simple as that!

Once complete, again go back and dry brush the wallet with a tooth or nailbrush to complete the process.

You will also find information if you dig deep enough on using sand or glasspaper to undergo removing stains. While I will not say it is bad, I would not recommend it. Paper like this is often sharp and can lead to further damage.

I guess if you are going to use this method, find a very fine sand paper, the finest you can.

Step4. Maintain Your Wallet With A Good Oil

Do not panic here, the oil you need is a very inexpensive substance that is great for maintaining your suede wallet. So, no engine oil or olive oil here please.

Try to get your hands on a blemish repair / suede cleaner spray. You can pick them up pretty cheap and you do not need to spend more than $15. It will last you too.

Simply apply the oil to a clean cloth and rub the wallet gently. This will keep your wallet in good condition and protected.

After, you can also apply some vinegar using a dry cloth which will brighten up the suede material and freshen up the overall appearance of your wallet.

See The Above Video To See Cleaning Suede Material in Action

How To Clean A Wallet – Overall

If you periodically clean your wallet then you will not have so many problems.

If you find the wallet gets stained or marked, try to take care of it as soon as possible. The fresher the mark is, the more chance you have of getting rid of it. Leave it too long and you will find you will not get the same results.

How To Clean A Wallet: Simple and Effective Methods Revealed

How To Clean A Wallet – Cleaning Instructions For Leather Wallets

Should you have opted for a leather wallet then the maintenance instructions are somewhat different from the suede material wallets.

So, let’s make sure you know what you are doing in this case should it apply to you.

Naturally, please ensure your money, credit cards and other important documents are removed from the wallet prior to cleaning.

Step 1. Removing Unwanted Stains

Firstly, it is important to know that some cleaning products are actually bad for a leather wallet. Avoid using polishes, wet wipes, waxes and acids. These can damage the leather material and are not recommended.

If the stain is fresh and still wet, then you can simply clean it off with a dry paper towel. Should the stain be dried and /or not noticed until later, then again you can use a dry paper towel with a little rubbing alcohol to dab the stain off.

Step 2. Wash By Hand Only

Although some people are known to put a leather wallet through a washing machine, it is not recommended at all. This can cause irreparable damage to the wallet. You should wash it by hand only.

To wash a leather wallet, simply use a soft hand soap with some lukewarm water and wash it with a soft cloth. You do not need too much soap so you are overwhelmed with bubbles and lather. Just a little is enough to get the job done.

Once done, dry the wallet off with a soft dry cloth.

Step 3. Drying The Wallet

Once you have washed your wallet and are satisfied with the results, place the wallet somewhere to dry. Avoid leaving it in places where it will take direct sunlight. The leather is delicate and excess sun can destroy the material.

This is also the case in places of high temperatures. So do not place it directly on a heater or radiator. Somewhere relatively warm, but away from high temperatures.

Check The Video On Cleaning And Conditioning A Leather Wallet

How To Clean A Wallet – Overall

As with the suede wallets, if you periodically clean the wallet and keep it clean and protected then you will get many years of use out of it.

Keeping the leather conditioned will ensure the material stays in great shape and it will not fall apart from the elements or general use. Every 4 to 6 months is a good schedule to keep when it comes to doing a clean and maintenance check.

So, now you know how to clean a wallet (I hope). Of course if you need anything more let me know and I will get back to you. Hit me up on the contact form!

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