How to Clean a Face Covering – A Simple Guide

Hey there all you football fans and congratulations on getting your own favorite team face covering. Here, you will learn how to clean a face covering so you are able to keep your new item in great condition and to maintain good levels of hygiene at all times.

Before we get into the simple procedure of cleaning/washing your face covering there is something you need to be aware of. Let’s call it a disclaimer if you will and it is important, so let’s read it!

Please understand that these football team face coverings do not serve as Personal Protective Clothing (PPE) or replacements for face masks/coverings designed for that purpose. They are not medical equipment and are currently regarded solely as a fashion and trend. They have not been designed or intended to prevent illness or disease.

Also, I am not a medical professional and with this in mind, links are offered to you at the bottom of this text for further expert information should you need it.

So, with this now being understood, let’s get your face coverings clean and ready for use.

How To Clean A Face Covering – Wash It When Needed

This question frequently arises, and it’s challenging to provide a specific answer because it depends on the individual person, how frequently they wear the covering, and the duration of use.

From experience, I find washing the covering after each use most beneficial.

If you wear it simply to do a small errand which takes you out and about for a few minutes, maybe you can skip it. If you have been out for some considerable time though and if you have been in an area where there were lots of people, then yes, wash it straight away!

It is only normal that your face coverings will induce germs (as will indeed other clothing) from being outside. With this item needing to cover your airways though, it is always good to use your common sense. If in any doubt, put it to wash!

How To Clean A Face Covering – In A Washing Machine?

You can wash your football face covering with other clothing items, so there’s no problem including it in your regular laundry cycle!

On saying that, washing your face covering in as warm water as possible is best in order to get rid of unwanted germs, so bear this in mind when washing with other items. See my recommendation below!

Select a decent washing detergent to clean your covering.

Once washed, you can dry your item by laying it flat on a dry surface!

Once dry, iron it using a hot iron. Do not use the iron directly on the logo and this will damage the print!

Choose Your Favorite Team: How to Clean a Face Covering

How To Clean A Face Covering – My Suggestion

When it comes to your new face coverings there are many things to bear in mind. I have done so with trial and error and I have found washing by hand a lot more beneficial.

If you take the time to do it by hand, you limit the risk of other items in a washing machine destroying your covering such as with running colors and/or your printed logo being scuffed.

Remember too, that your face covering will possibly contain polyester which can break down at high temperatures. If your covering goes into a washing machine and higher temperatures are needed for the other items, well something has to give right?

So, Wash By Hand!

  • Put a small amount of detergent into a bowl or in the sink!
  • Fill with warm water and splash around to make the bubbles!
  • Submerge your face covering into the soapy water and gently rub the material and the straps for a good few minutes using your fingers and thumb. Do not use a brush as this could damage the printed logo.
  • Once complete, run the covering under cold clean water to remove all the soap. Give it a good 2 minutes to be sure.
  • Allow the covering to dry on a flat clean surface.
  • Once dry, iron it with a hot iron. Be sure to use a handkerchief or cloth and do not use the iron directly on the logo as this will damage the prints.
  • You are now ready to wear your face covering.

Wearing Your Face Covering The Correct Way

Although it has been stated at the beginning of this text that these face coverings are not designed as Personal Protective Equipment, if you are going to wear one then it is best to wear it correctly! Here are the simple things you need to have in your mind.

  • The covering should fit comfortable across your face and not be so tight that it causes discomfort or restriction in breathing.
  • Each side should be held in place with both the straps looped around your ears.
  • The covering should be placed so it covers over the mouth and nose and held secure under your chin.

Please note! These covering should not be used by young children, or by people who are unable to remove the coverings without assistance.

Please refer to the links below for the CDC (Centers For Disease Control) recommendations for wearing and washing face coverings.

Please also check out this video which will show you the simple washing/cleaning steps in action.

How To Clean A Face Covering – To Sum Up

So you now know how to clean a face covering. It is a simple enough process and if you go with the hand washing process, you will not have any issues.

Remember to use your judgment, you know how often you wear your covering and you know when it needs to go in the wash.

Follow the instructions offered along with the video steps, and also refer to the CDC links offered for further reading and you have all you need.

If you have any questions or something you want to share just let me know and I will get back to you.

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