Cleaning And Maintenance Of Your Football Helmet

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Once you have your Football Helmet safely in your possession you will of course need to look after it. It would be a shame for your Pride & Joy to be neglected after all would you not agree? So here, I will go over some of the important aspects for the cleaning and maintenance of your football helmet.

As already stated, it is not advisable to wear these Riddell Revolution Speed Football Helmets for competitive game play. Should you abide by this advice, it is unlikely you will need to take the same maintenance and cleaning steps as the pros helmets need when they take heavy hits and get thrown to the turf every week.

On saying that, there are some things I think you should bear in mind which will keep your helmet in good shape and remain the focal point of any room in your home where you choose to display it!

Cleaning The Face Mask

The face mask on the Riddell Revolution Speed Football Helmets are Polyvinyl Coated and cleaning them is very straight forward. If you find that your helmet has acquired dirt then more often that not I would say you can take care of this with a soft damp cloth. This is also the case if you feel the need to handle it a lot and the mask has been subject to the grease from your fingers.

If it is needed, you can always use a little window cleaner. Just spray a small amount onto a general cleaning cloth and gently wipe away any unwanted marks. NEVER use agents such as thinners, alcohol or acetone. Once you are done, dry the face mask with a soft cloth.

Note: Do not use scouring pads (or similar products) and try to avoid causing abrasive marks to the face mask!

If on the other hand you find that your helmet simply requires dusting off (i.e you are using it as advised and not wearing it for actual game play), then a simple dry and clean soft cloth can be used for this purpose.

Cleaning The Foam Padding

Once again, you should not experience to many problems with the foam padding in the helmet. They are not recommended for game play so the dirt acquired should be to a minimum.

More often than not, the small marks which can be obtained on the foam can be adequately cleaned with a normal upholstery cleaner. Do not completely saturate the foam with detergents. A light spray and a rub with a cloth is more than enough to get rid of any unwanted staining.

Once the marks are cleaned away, put your football helmet some place safe and allow the foam to dry off. Of course, if your helmet is suffering with more challenging stains you will need to work harder to get shut of them!

You can also apply this technique to clean off the chinstrap.

Cleaning The Helmet

Cleaning the helmet can be more challenging if you have chosen to disobey the instructions and have gone running around the fields and wearing it in combat. It should be sitting proudly as a focal point within your home for people to admire (including yourself of course). This being the case you can simply dust the helmet off with a soft dry cloth.

Do not wash the helmet using scouring pads and other tough cleaning materials. This will scratch the paint and believe me, it is not easy to get it restored to its original condition without you having to dive deep into your pockets.

Should the helmet be badly damaged, i.e from dropping, then please seek professional advice on how to get it repaired.

Just for you to know, the correct cleaning and maintenance of football helmets is normally undertaken by professionals. To keep your helmet in good condition and avoid any unwanted damage, then follow the instructions that come with the product.

Please let me know if you need any further information. Get in touch using the contact form and I will get back to you.

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