Revitalize Your Game – How To Clean Football Jerseys for Peak Performance

Hey Guys & Girls & welcome to this important post on how to clean football jerseys.

Now some people may laugh and ask why I have taken the time to write all this stuff out for different fan gear clothing and items across this website, but if you really want to get the most out of your jerseys, then it is important you look after it. I mean, otherwise it is money in the toilet right?

So laugh if you like, but here are some instructions for getting your favorite team jersey clean after wearing to ensure you keep it in great and crisp condition for your important game days.

So, let’s get started shall we?

First Off & Before You Start

While the actual cleaning of your jerseys is relatively a simple process, a lot of people overlook the fact that is it easy to damage the screen print graphics on the jersey itself. Before going ahead and and learning how to clean football jerseys, you must always keep this in mind or your favorite name and number prints will take the punishment for it.

Now you are aware of this, lets move on.

How To Clean Football Jerseys – Dealing With Stains

Stains happen. It is one of those things isn’t it? Whether you are playing some football in your local park or having drinks thrown over you by another excited fanatic at your favorite teams stadium, things happen which can leave your jersey in need of attention.

If you suffer stains on your jersey it is important to deal with them in the correct fashion and as timely as possible. Most sports jerseys are made from Polyester and there are some simple steps to solve any issues you might have.

  • Always remove stains by hand.
  • Lightly wet the affected areas and rub the stains gently with your fingers and thumb while using a standard pre-wash shampoo or soaping agent.
  • Using this method is also applicable for stains on the name/number printed graphics!
  • If you need a little more to remove tougher stains, use a soft brush. Do not over press on the material as this could cause damage. Some people find using an old toothbrush perfect for this.

Try to deal with stains as soon as possible. I know when they occur you are not always in a position to deal with them straight away, but do not leave them overnight. It is better to get on top of them before they set in and cause permanent damage.

Once you have dealt with the stains using the instructions above you will be ready to go ahead and get ready for washing.

How To Clean Football Jerseys – The Rules Of Washing

Now to some, these things are common knowledge, but to many they have no clue and need some help.

You often hear of people mixing the wrong clothes and wrong colors/fabrics and hearing of huge fights later when someones favorite clothing item has been destroyed right?

Well, let’s try and avoid that with these simple instructions.

  • If you are a Raiders fanatic and your jersey is black for example, then wash it alone. Do not wash it with other items as very often the color black will affect other clothing in the washer.
  • If on the other hand you are a Bears fan and you have the white jersey, again wash it alone as colors from other items in the washer could affect your white item.
  • NEVER wash your jerseys alongside work overalls or jeans as the colors leak from these materials and they will destroy your team jersey.
  • Ensure you turn your jersey inside out to protect as much as possible the outside material and printed graphics.
  • From my personal experience and having replaced jerseys on a number of occasions, I simply stick to one rule. I wash my jerseys separately all the time. Problem solved!!
Choose Your Team Jersey - How To Clean Football Jerseys for Peak Performance

How To Clean Football Jerseys – Using The Washing Machine

Please ensure you bear the following in mind when washing your jersey in the washing machine!

  • When using a washing machine to wash your jerseys, always make sure that you use a soft cycle and cold water.
  • If you use an aggressive cycle with a hard spin, it will result in abrasions on the material and can cause irreparable damage. A soft cycle without spin using cold water is the best method here.
  • The cold water selection is important too, as hot water can damage the coloring on your jersey and cause it to fade and most probably shrink too.
  • Do not use bleach products in the washer when washing your jersey. Try to find a detergent that has color protecting qualities instead that does not contain bleach!

Drying Your Favorite Team Jersey

Of course, the process is not complete until your jersey has been thoroughly dried.

It sounds a simple process right? Hang it outside on the washing line and get it later!! Well, take note of these points to dry your item correctly.

  • The first thing you need to do when you remove your jersey from the washer is shake it…. hard if needed. After washing, it is very common for the screen print graphics to stick together a little as you washed it inside out.
  • Once shaken you can hang it on the line, but be aware that if left outside too long in direct sunlight it can damage the material and the graphics.
  • Tip: Hang it on the line, then hang a thin bed sheet over the top of it. This way the garment will dry with the wind and direct sunlight will be prevented from hitting the polyester fabric.
  • Do not leave the item hanging out for long periods. It is a thin and light material and does not take long to dry.
  • NEVER place your polyester team jersey in a tumble dryer. The heat from these can break down the fabric (as well as the name/number graphics) and you will ruin it.
  • Do not use a hot iron on your jersey. Again, the heat from an iron can destroy the fabrics and will melt your printed graphics.

Check Out The Video To See The Cleaning Steps In Action!

How To Clean Football Jerseys – Final Note

Well, like I said, the instructions are relatively straight forward but it is important not to forget that your team jerseys are delicate and need to be treated with care. Look after them well and you can wear and display your favorite team colors and logo for many years to come.

I hope this has helped you out and you now know how to clean football jerseys. Of course if you need something more hit me up and let me know. I will be happy assist you.

What is your favorite football team? have you snapped up your team jersey yet?

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